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ein Mann mit Afro-Locken in einem schwarzen Hemd, der neutral, aber auch mit einem kleinen Lächeln posiert

"My task is to successfully accompany you on your personal path and to create an authentic atmosphere.

Your own special memorabilia is certain outcome."

O.C. Asomugha


. Wiesbaden .

. Mainz .

. Vicinity .

I started digital art/photography as a hobby in 2000. This became a launch pad for me in the work scene when I graduated (BSc Geological Sciences) in 2007. So I started to realize my dream as a digital imager.



my many years of professional experience spans:

. Portraits (m/f/d)
. Baby & children photography       _cc781905-5cde-3193-bb3b-51936bad5cf58d_
. Baby belly & family photography
. nude photography
. Weddings & celebrations
. Application & business pictures
. biometric images
. Pet Shootings
. advertising photography
. architectural photography
. Photo retouching & reprography

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